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My name is Jake Kondor, and I am running for president of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Students’ Society for the 2020/2021 school year. I am currently in my fourth year of the Civil Engineering Co-op program and I will be returning for my final year in September - hopefully as your next CEESS president. Here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year:

  • Re-Introduce the CEESS scholarship

  • Bring in new experiences to students

  • Win Geer Week 79

Over the past year I have been heavily involved with the CEESS as Vice President Communications. You may recognize me from a variety of events such as Geer Week, PSBC, Spring Roll Sales, and Ice Beam Building.  These gave me the opportunity to gather knowledge and experience in each position in the CEESS. I managed the website and advertised each event using Instagram and Facebook. I helped organize volunteers for each event as well. My involvement in the CEESS over the past year gave me knowledge, experience, and personal connection with students and clubs.  That’s what is needed for an effective president.

The current executive team has done a fantastic job at creating a more vibrant community openly welcoming more than just Civil and Environmental Engineering students.  Going forward, I will build upon our success this year and ensure we are increasing involvement with our fellow students and faculty.  Here are three of my goals for the 2020/21 school year:

First and foremost, I will re-introduce the scholarship that we are supposed to give out to Civil and Environmental  Engineering Students. To do this, I will drive industry involvement and cashflow from sponsorship by creating a more focused program to increase investment with the CEESS. By connecting to companies on a personal level, the CEESS will have an easier time gaining more sponsorship funds to be able to provide more services to students; such as a scholarship.

Secondly, I will bring students new experiences. I have already been in communication with the faculty about future opportunities with professors from around the world to come to the U of A and hold workshops or events for us. Showing the students there is much more to Civil Engineering than dirt, concrete, steel, and water can be a huge benefit to the faculty and overall interest in Civil Engineering. After all, we are trying to promote Civil Engineering in the most creative and interesting ways.

Finally, Geer Week 79 is ours to win. I will ensure that we will win this by planning as early as possible, creating a tight knit group of people, and bringing in old & new talent into each event. To increase the involvement, I will empower the executives and directors to coordinate more efficiently and creatively. Doing so, it will increase the general involvement of the student community exponentially. Furtermore, being in good standings with the other discipline clubs is a huge benefit in Geer Week and can get you far, with my network with students and other clubs, this will be a surefire way of winning the trophy next year!

Being involved with the CEESS this past year has been the most rewarding part of my time at the University of Alberta. I met so many amazing people and developed leadership and organizational skills contributing to my growth as a person and as an engineer.  I hope all students experience the positive impact the CEESS can make and I know together we can make my vision a reality.

Thank you for reading my campaign, and on March 18th and 19th vote Jake Kondor for President of the CEESS!

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