Lucas Janke and Rupert Gomez

Mission Statement

Further develop and strengthen community interactivity and engagement by providing outstanding visuals, communications, and services that promote Civil and Environmental Engineering Students’ Society and related groups.


Campaign Goals

Improve Branding

Branding is important as it is directly connected to our presence and identity. It makes our contents consistent and authentic. Logos are a great way of promoting recognition and providing our targeted audience connection to our club. Photos are important to promote our events, forming visuals for targeted audiences. Applying logos to these photos reinforce consistency throughout our platforms and outlets to which increases our presence.


  • Apply logos to event photos to reinforce consistency throughout our platforms and outlets and increase our presence.

  • Set up a Social Media posting Schedule


Increase Visuals

By taking quality photos of our events, we provide people context that facilitates communication which stimulates their interests and entertainment. These branded visuals can be used in future promotions and advertisements that are beneficial in the long run.


  • Work hand-in-hand with VP Coordination to ask for volunteers that could aid with visual communications and photography for event advertisements.

  • Set-up a Social Media posting schedule


Improve E-newsletter


  • Potentially change formatting of email newsletters for ease of reading and easy link access.

  • Memes at the end of each email? To provide humour and keep the readers reading throughout the whole email with anticipation at the end.

  • Take advantage of ESS EnggLink and University’s Student’s digest. 


Interactivity with Students

Reach out to more students and keep them involved, especially towards the lower year students. Implement social media interactions.


  • Student/ Professor features

  • Executive instagram take over

  • Volunteers for promotional merchandises and events

  • Maintain collab events with other Engg disciplines


Get the most out of our website


  • Maintain event photo galleries with improved photography plan as well as calendar of events

  • Include informational posts about events and related club activities to provide people context 

  • Improve user interface for ease of navigation by redeveloping format and including more visuals/graphics.

  • Provide adequate resources for practice midterm and final exams.

What makes us the best candidate?

Rupert Gomez has been a prominent part of the ESS communications team since 2018. He took on the role of a photographer on major events such as Geer Week and Engineering Art show to showcase the Engineering community and its activities/events. Throughout his academic career, he has taken initiatives by volunteering in local events and fundraising. On top of that, he is also part of the University of Alberta Philippines Students’ Association. He took on the role of the financial director in the fall term and became the social media coordinator during winter, showcasing his versatility in his responsibilities and his leadership. He has been associated with the Civil Club since 2018 where he provided assistance in their various events and undertook the sustainability coordinator role during fall term of 2019. Together with his running partner, they will improve CEESS’ communications.


Lucas Janke has been in the role of VP communications over the past year. He has been in charge of creating the biweekly newsletter, organizing classroom announcements, volunteer coordination, poster creation, and more. Lucas is also a part of the leadership of the Canadian Mental Health Association student group where he planned events and managed sponsorship. He also has been a part of the Engineers Without Borders executive team in the past. Lucas wants to run for VP Communications to improve the academic experience of Civil and Environmental students.

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