Luisa Botero

Hello, I am Luisa Botero, a fourth year ENV E Co-op and I would like to be your CEESS President for 2020/2021! For the last two years I have been involved with the club coordinating events and creating opportunities for students. I understand how the CEESS works and how to keep the best parts about it going while improving it to better serve students. 

Get Involved: I want to make it easier for students to get involved in the club while keeping up with their academic and other commitments. Engineering school can be a lot of work and it can be hard to find the time to get involved in extracurriculars. I want to make opportunities within the club that students can take on without committing to too much work but that will still allow you to be a part of our civil/environmental engineering community. This could include new coordinator positions that allow you to develop new skills, general volunteer positions to help at our events or office hours, or any other way you want to be involved. This is your students’ society and I want you to be a part of it.


Communication: The club provides a lot of services to students that most people don’t know are available to them. I want to make sure every single one of our members knows about the services the club provides and the events we run. I want to analyze the methods we are currently using to communicate with students so we can focus on media people actually see.


Have your voice heard: This club represents you to the faculty, the greater university community, and the industry. Because of this I feel it’s important we hear from our fellow students and are in touch with what you want. I want to create a platform where we can open a dialogue between civil/environmental engineering students and where students can give their suggestions or concerns.

Why me? As a part of the CEESS, as well as external groups like APEGA’s Student Liaison
Committee and the CSCE, I have demonstrated my leadership skills and dedication to serving students.

- I have represented the interest of students by pushing for student pricing at events and consideration of our course loads when scheduling events;

- Successfully worked with a team and lead groups as the co-lead of the club’s technical team;

- Leveraged my position in the club to created opportunities for students to get involved in the industry through technical tours, mentorship and networking events, and competitions;

- Promoted civil engineering to the community by opening our Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition to High School students;

- Increased the quality of our services while decreasing our reliance on fees from students by soliciting sponsorships. This year we were able to get more funding than the previous three and get more engineering companies interested in connecting with students.

I want to make this club better and I hope you will help do that by voting Luisa Botero for CEESS President. Thank you for reading my platform.

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