Aline Ljubichich and Nina Cen


Hello civil engineering students! We are Nina Cen and Aline Ljubichich, and we are running to represent you as a slate Vice-President Technical for the Civil Engineering Club in the 2020-2021 term. We are both currently in our third year of Civil Engineering at the UofA, and we both have a large variety of previous leadership experience. Nina was the Vice-President Student Life for the Engineering Students’ Society in her second year (meaning she planned many events, including the entirety of Geer Week 77), and served as the Vice-President Technical for the Civil Club this year. Aline was the Vice-President Operations and Finance in her second year, and is currently the Vice-President of External Relations for the Engineering Students’ Society. In these positions, Aline has gained experience working with a wide variety of companies for sponsorship, as well as managed a six-figure budget during her time with the ESS. We are both incredibly excited to take on the opportunity to potentially serve as your Vice-President Technical by applying our wealth of leadership experience and enthusiasm for the Civil Club!


Civil Club Goals

Both of us have invested heavily into the engineering community at the University of Alberta. We believe that a healthy community is vital to a good undergraduate experience. Our main focus will be to continue the previous year’s efforts in making Civil Club accessible to all students, while maintaining the professionalism that the broader civil engineering community mandates for success. This will be reflected in our partnership with the CSCE, and in the events we organize for students.


Sponsorship Goals

Our plans for sponsorship are to carry on last year’s operations with a new emphasis on soliciting event-based funding. We believe that the most effective way to obtain sponsorship is to inform sponsors of the alignment of their corporate values with the spirit behind Civil Club events. In execution, this will result in a revamped sponsorship package that highlights Civil Club events by offering flexible, tiered sponsorship levels with unique incentives. Furthermore, we will apply to grants and scholarship funds offered by the U of A, the Government of Alberta, and the Students’ Union, which is a highly underutilized approach by most clubs. Our combined previous experience working with companies for sponsorship will allow us to target the right funds for the right Civil Club initiatives.

Event Planning Goals

Our approach to event planning includes a focus on maximizing accessibility for civil students unaware of the club. To us, this means reaching out to second years who are both new to civil engineering and the U of A. We plan on bringing back the Hard Hat Ceremony (or a similar event) to welcome second year civil students into the community. By inviting professional engineers designated by APEGA and volunteers from the CSCE, we hope to showcase to second years the value of getting involved in the civil engineering community. Continuing from last year’s efforts, we hope to bring new improvements to all of our events, such as working with high school students for the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition to foster an early passion for civil engineering. Finally, we will host events such as workshops and info sessions to help students prepare for participating in competition-based events run by the civil club. This not only promotes involvement, but also creates a sense of community between different year students.

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