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Our Team.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Students' Society strives to enrich the camaraderie and academic experience of all students in the discipline. We work diligently to organize on- and off-campus events for fundraising and team development, as well as technical panels and competitions to provide valuable knowledge on career opportunities. We also strive to enhance professor-student interaction by providing a medium for feedback on both ends.

We look forward to providing our students with the services that they may need. Feel free to contact any of our executives below if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to their portfolio!

Francesca Drummond_edited.png

Francesca Drummond


Madeline Barker_edited.png

Madeline Barker

Vice-President of 
Student Life

Delaney MacIntosh_edited.png

Delaney MacIntosh

Vice-President of


Sadia Kharadi_edited.png

Sadia Kharadi

Vice-President of


Benjamin Corenblum_edited.png

Benjamin Corenblum

Co-Vice President of Operations & Finance

Bhavish Parshotam_edited.png

Bhavish Parshotam

Co-Vice President of Operations & Finance

Tobi Ade_edited.png

Tobi Ade

Co-Vice President


Jett Stechyshyn_edited.png

Jett Stechyshyn

Co-Vice President


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