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CEESS 2024-2025

Meet the candidates and read their portfolios!


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​Vivien is a third-year civil engineering student dedicated to fostering collaboration and driving collective success. She has been with the ESS for two years as an Art Show director, started off her first year with CEESS as a GEER Week director and for the past year as the Vice President of Coordination. As VP of Coordination, she has dedicated her time to increasing student engagement through sports and wellness initiatives, directed the CEESS GEER Week team and oversaw volunteers for the club. When Vivien is not at school, you can catch her shredding down the slopes at a very, very, very slow speed or chilling at home with Zuko.

My mission is to provide educational, personal, and community engagement opportunities that foster inclusivity, appreciation, and success for civil and environmental students. I aim to enhance the undergraduate experience by expanding students' networks with industry professionals and faculty, introducing fresh ideas to increase involvement, and ensuring the continuity and relevance of our existing initiatives.

Goals Summary
Technical Initiatives
● Increase networking initiatives with industry professionals. Ensure students feel
supported and confident about their post-graduation endeavors.
● Implement specialization nights in both terms. Provide students insight into the various fields of civil and environmental engineering.
● Foster stronger bonds with faculty by organizing program and technical elective
information sessions.

Above all, I aim to amplify minority voices and ensure our technical events have panelists and speakers from diverse backgrounds.

Social Initiatives
● Implement monthly social gatherings at the Dirt Den. These gatherings would give
students a relaxed environment for games and conversations and build lasting

● Offer diverse merchandise options based on student input, catering to various price
ranges and preferences.
● Ensure merch drops are at reasonable times and provide accessible pick-up hours for students on their work term.
● Collaborate with student groups on campus to initiate more wellness events during exam season.
● More bar nights. Allow students to unwind, mingle, and collaborate.

● Expand fundraising initiatives throughout the school year, such as spring roll and bake sales. By raising more funds, we can invest in improving our events.

● Start the GEER Week hype earlier to boost student engagement and participation.
● Advocate for accessible event options for students on their work terms to get involved.

Remember that 'CEESS' stands for Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Society. Not just "Civil club."
● Rebrand social platforms to "CEESS" to accurately reflect and represent the club. I am dedicated to rectifying and implementing inclusive strategies to highlight the voices of environmental students.
● Advocate for any students facing any form of discrimination in social and academic
university settings.
● Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity is at the heart of our events. Let's create a
welcoming and safe environment where every student feels valued and respected.
● Implement an anonymous reporting form to give students a confidential platform to voice their concerns and suggestions.

● Commit to monthly newsletters to inform students about club initiatives, faculty news and exciting opportunities such as research projects and scholarships.
● Update the website to reflect the club accurately today. This means updating the office store items, event details, exam bank, and academic resources and adding a media vault.
● Commit to widespread awareness of upcoming events by involving 'year-representatives' in announcing them at lectures, guaranteeing that all students are informed and engaged.
● Prioritize student feedback through bi-annual surveys, fostering continuous improvement and ensuring that our club evolves in line with the student's needs and expectations.

● Implement a rent-out system for students to borrow lab coats and goggles.
● Revitalize the textbook borrowing system. Let's allow students to preview available
books on the CEESS website ready to be signed out.
● Introduce breakfast snacks once a week. We all have our reasons for missing breakfast, and I want to help.

Click the link below to know more about her platform!






Hey, everyone!  Our  names are Alexander Paradela and Eon Piquero, but feel free to call us Alex and Eon! We are currently in our third year of civil engineering studies and we're  thrilled to be running for the position of Co-Vice President of Communications. Throughout the school year of 2023-2024, We have been deeply involved in bridging communication within our civil and environmental engineering community. Working closely with Vince, our current VP of Communications, we’ve served as assistant editors for the CEESS Journal, contributing to the creation of engaging articles. We’re passionate about fostering effective communication channels and we're eager to bring our dedication and experience to this role. We're eagerly looking forward to collaborating further with our fellow executive members and peers to cultivate a more robust, supportive, and inclusive environment for the students in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Fun Facts

• I was selected for the Make-A-Wish Program in 2020

• I like to bake (I’ll give you free cookies if you vote for me )


• I like music, especially singing. (you’ll hear me make my own remix on NREF Study Space *wink wink*)

• I taught myself how to play the guitar back in 6th grade.


Social Media & Outreach 

• Continue to bridge the marketing, communications between student members, others discipline clubs, and the CEESS.

• Focus on inviting and encouraging more civil and environmental students to participate on GEER Week Events.

• Broaden participation and engage a greater number of students in Civil Club events. Through innovative programming, active promotion, and a welcoming atmosphere.



• Our newsletter platform provides monthly updates on a variety of important topics to keep you informed and engaged. This includes volunteer opportunities, exciting Civil Club events, Health and Wellness along with information on Support and Services. Stay connected and empowered with our comprehensive newsletter updates!





Hello! I'm Nanziba Nawshin and I am a second-year environmental engineering student. My goal as VP of Community Development is to create a safe, inclusive, and vibrant space for all civil and environmental engineering students. As VP of community development I hope to advocate and implement EDID within civil and environmental engineering, coordinate EDID with external stakeholders and build community connections through philanthropy, sustainability and community based initiatives . Outlined below are my campaign goals and volunteer experience.


Volunteer Experience:

  • CEESS Geer Week Coordinator

  • Engineering Students Society Sporting Events Coordinator

  • Engineering Students Society Y2Q2 Coordinator

  • University of Alberta Relay for Life Ceremonies Director 

Campaign Goals:

Advocate and implement EDID within civil and environmental engineering 

  • Implement EDID training for all incoming and current CEESS members and ensure members on the executive team are well equipped to handle EDID issues

  • Work with technical affairs to ensure that the hard hat ceremony has panelists that are women, people of color, indigenous or are part of the LGBTQIA2S+ to promote diversity and inclusion within our discipline 

  • Create a suggestion form/ box available online and at the Dirt Den Lounge to highlight suggestions that can be used to improve overall student experience or address any EDID issues that civil and environmental engineering students may have so that we as a discipline can work towards being more welcoming and inclusive 


Coordinate EDID with external stakeholders:

  • Work together with student organizations dedicated to promoting the inclusion of underrepresented groups on campus, such as DivE, to develop EDID policies specifically designed for inclusivity training 

  • Work together with student organizations dedicated to promoting the inclusion of underrepresented groups on campus to seek feedback on how we can address EDID issues and create a safe, welcoming space for underrepresented civil and environmental engineering students 

  • Collaborate with the ESS, discipline clubs and DivE to see how EDID can be promoted within the broader engineering community

  • Improve and ensure accessibility to all CEESS events, for instance making sure events are held in wheelchair accessible spaces 

Build  Community Connections Through Philanthropy, Sustainability  and Community Based Initiatives

  • Bring back the ENGG Hoodie Thrift Shop to promote sustainability within our discipline,  and ensure part of the proceeds raised go to charity 

  • Organize bake sales and movie night with proceeds going to charity 



Yosan Gebremeskel.png


Hi Guys! We’re Yosan and Nafisa, and we are running for Co-VP of Finance for the CEESS! We both have had volunteer experience with the ESS/CEESS, for positions such as Outreach Director, Technical Coordinator, Photography Coordinator, Career Fair Volunteer, and Geer Store Volunteer. We have had so much fun working along our peers to enhance student life, and we’re very excited to be taking on a more direct role where we can have an immediate impact on students!


 Our main goal is to prioritize students' success and well being by wisely investing in their careers and mental/physical health, while ensuring smart spending and financial management. We aim to foster growth and ensure every dollar contributes to your success, striving to keep constant satisfaction through continuous student surveys and feedback polls. We promise to exceed expectations in fulfilling our commitments to the CEESS. Working alongside other VP’s, we aim to invest in:


  • A Civil and Environmental Engineering Discipline Focused Career Fair and Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals


  • Healthier (and Tastier) Club Store Snacks and Event Catering (ie. less dominos)!


  • Increasing Advertisement for Events and Recruitment 


  • Collaborations with Other Disciplines to Preserve Event Costs & Break Social Barriers 


  •  The CEESS Lounge Make-over 


Other Campaign Goals Include: Fair distribution of assets, transparency and proper documentation, smart budgeting, and long term financial stability. 


When not drowning in school work or volunteer commitments, you will find us traveling, restaurant hopping and trying new foods, followed by a night of binge watching Grey's Anatomy or Brooklyn 99. Since we love exploring, and trying new things, we would love to try any recommendations given by you!

Nafisa Siddique.png


Hi my name is Waleed Phulpoto and I am running for VP Finance! I am currently a 4th year Civil Engineering Co-op Student and the current co-director of finance for the club.

Some things I aim to do as VP Finance:


1. Coordinate with the technical team and industry to hold more events around what makes civil the best engineering (Canstruction, bridge, mini city contest, ect.)

2. Lead the team in efficiently operating the budget so the money can be spent on things the students want (cheaper or more variety in the merch possibly)

3. Work with the events team to incentivize club events (prizes for events like mario kart and games nights)



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We all know how stressful university can be, and a fun, relaxed, activity at the end of the day or even between classes is a perfect way to take your mind off it all and get to know your fellow engineers. I will be entering my 5th year of Environmental Engineering in the upcoming fall semester and could certainly use a break now and then. I have been a member of many clubs throughout my degree and I’m looking forward to taking on a leadership role within the Civil/Environmental Club! I think I would be able to bring new and unique ideas and hope to collaborate with other clubs to hold more interdisciplinary events.

As VP of Social Events, I will aim to enhance the sense of community and foster inclusivity within CEESS, encouraging participation from all years within the club. I would boost club participation with a wide range of events and fundraisers, taking input from students within and outside the club. While keeping popular events that we all love, I hope to introduce new and exciting events for a variety of interests.

I will be working closely with the VP of Communications to spread the word and encourage participation in club events. I would also like to hold small events throughout the day for people to drop in between classes since many students are unable to stay late for club activities. I also hope to work with the VP of Community Development to host events alongside groups like DivE and FEM+. I appreciate and encourage any input on events you would like to see in future


Hello hello hello everyone! My name is Elijah Agena (he/him) and I am a second-year Environmental Student. I will keep this short and sweet like me! I will be running for VP Social Events and I aim to make uni life as engineering students a little less stressful by coordinating fun-filled activities. As VP Social Events, I will be overlooking general social events, sports, graduation, and GEER Week! I was the director of GEER Week last year and I am hungry for a win. Let’s work together to have a fun year! 

Campaign Goals

  • Implement new and exciting social events that students actually want

  • Coordinate with graduating students to create their dream graduation 

  • Focus on improving the mental health of students by providing events to de-stress 

  • Work and communicate with students, fellow student groups, and execs of CEESS to ensure that everything goes according to their expectations 

  • Take back the trophy and win GEER Week!




Hey everyone! My name is Charles DeOcampo (He/Him) and I am currently a second-year civil engineering co-op student. I am delighted to announce that I, along with Immanuel, am running for the @civilclubualberta VP Internal Affairs executive position! Currently, I am the second-year representative for the club acting as both the ears and the voice for second-year civil/environmental engineering students. After my time as a year representative, I’ve grown closer to many of the upperclassmen and have started to see  them as role models. I have decided that by becoming an executive member of the club, I can have a deeper impact with everyone and hope to provide the same level of support the upper-years have given me.

My background includes heavy involvement in my high school’s leadership program contributing to plenty of volunteer hours within and outside. This has given me the soft-skills for communication, taking lead and most importantly listening to others. I believe the ability to become both a leader and a follower is an essential part of fostering an inclusive, involved and integral community. Once elected, we promise to dedicate ourselves to ensuring that everyone gets to take part within the club and is welcomed with open arms. Let's unite to forge a new chapter for CEESS - where our only crack is in the jokes not our foundations!

charles de ocampo.png

Hello everyone, I’m Immanuel Kasapu (he/him), a second-year civil engineering co-op student, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for @civilclubualberta VP Internal Affairs, running alongside Charles De Ocampo. Currently, I am a photographer and volunteer in the club, which reflects my passion for community engagement. I view having an elected role as an opportunity to deepen my impact, not only in Civil Engineering but also in the broader Engineering community. 


My background includes active involvement in student councils during high school and junior high, which has honed my ability to understand and address the needs and desires of our community. Additionally, my experience in various sports teams has taught me the value of effective communication and teamwork, skills I intend to leverage in strengthening the relationship between the club and its members by fostering a supportive, inclusive, and integral environment. If elected, we are committed to enhancing the club's connections and ensuring that every member feels valued and heard. Together, let's write a fun, new chapter in the CEESS. 

Click the link below to know more about their platform!


imm kasapu.png




If elected Vice President of Technical Affairs, I will leverage the skill set I have honed through diverse leadership experiences, including directing Engineering Workshops for High School Students, representing the University of Alberta as an Ambassador, and serving as a Hill Day representative for climate action, to foster meaningful connections between CEESS, external organizations and institutions, and the civil and environmental engineering industry. In these roles, I have developed valuable event planning, leadership, and networking skills that I will employ to achieve my mission of facilitating innovative experiences and opportunities that enhance the technical skills and professional development of civil and environmental engineering students.

In this role I pledge to:
• Create and strengthen CEESS's industry connections, expanding opportunities for civil and environmental engineering students.

• Organize engaging technical events that not only cultivate curiosity and awareness of opportunities within civil and environmental engineering, but also provide valuable networking experience. This will include continuing traditions such as the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition and the Hard Hat Ceremony, but will also include facilitating additional events for students based on what they want to see, whether that includes creating more opportunities for upper-year students to further explore industries of interest or providing information sessions for students to learn about how to get involved in research.

• Connect students with industry associations to facilitate their transition into their field of interest, by educating students on the different opportunities available to them and providing information on student

• Ensure students are well-informed and sufficiently equipped to navigate industry events and competitions, empowering them to present themselves and their work with confidence and clarity.

Through this position, I hope to strengthen CEESS's industry ties to expand opportunities for students and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. This will contribute to ensuring civil and environmental engineering students are equipped with the knowledge, experiences, and connections they need to thrive in their careers.


IMG-20231220-WA0001 (1).jpg

Hello everyone! Bobola and Ayat-Lahi here. I'm in my fourth year of environmental engineering (Bobola) and my third year of civil engineering (Ayat-Lahi). We're excited to run for the position of VP of Technical Affairs for the Civil Club (CEESS) in the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. Our goal is to connect current undergraduate students to the civil and environmental engineering industry by organizing engaging events throughout the school year. Additionally, we aim to introduce new opportunities to make the post-graduate transition smooth. It's time to focus on the task at hand! We're committed to ensuring these events are fantastic and going the extra mile to support your career success during and after your studies. Take a look at our platform, and don't forget to vote for Bobola and Ayat-Lahi on March 20th-21st!

1. Enhance networking opportunities between students and industry partners:
● Introducing an engineering outreach program by planning visits to ongoing construction projects to give students hands-on experience and insights into real world engineering practices.
● Continue the popsicle-stick bridge competition alongside the Hard Hat Ceremony.
● Disseminate valuable career advice from industry professionals, alumni, and professors through the CEESS website.
● Continue working alongside the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (Edmonton
section) to build a strong relationship with the engineering students at the university and the community.


2. Collaborate with fellow civil-environmental engineering students to organize meaningful events:
● Boost event attendance by introducing incentives and rewards like gift cards, event
tickets, food, and more!
● Incorporate feedback from our civil-environmental undergraduate committee based on survey data.
● Schedule events at convenient times throughout the semester to ensure maximum


3. Advocate for professional development among all civil-environmental engineering students:
● Furnish pertinent resources for achieving career success and securing internships.
● Highlight existing employment resources to increase awareness among students.
● Collaborate with faculty members and undergraduate engineering services to enhance
undergraduate employment rates.
● Collaborate with the graduate students to build a relationship that will ease the
undergraduate-to-graduate transition.

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