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CEESS 2023-2024

Get to know our current executives!
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Francesca Drummond

For the past 3 years, the CEESS has been a huge part of my life and university experience. 

From second-year representative to Co Vice-President Student Life, participating in the creation and running of an inclusive community dedicated to improving the lives of Civil and Environmental Engineering students has been incredibly rewarding - and simply fun! 


I would love the opportunity to make the CEESS an even greater club this 2022/2023 year as President.  

Continue the old AND Bring in the New!

I will continue the tradition of iconic CEESS events such as the Spring Role Sale and Corn Maze as well as events my Co-VP of Student Life Madeline and I introduced last year such as Hide and Seek and Speed Friending. 

Not only will these events be continued but I will work closely with VP Student Life to create more new and exciting events – especially those you tell us you want!

Listen to You

In order to further support and engage students, I will implement new forms of communication such as:

  • Feedback forms on our website 

  • Consistent polls on social media where students can vote on what events they would like to see

  • Frequent posts on social media asking students what services they require, or any improvements or complaints they have for the executive team

  • An open-door policy that encourages students to come to speak to us in person, message us on Instagram, or engage in any other form of communication they need!

Improve the Lounge

The CEESS is lucky to have a large shared common space for students to decompress, socialize, and study. 

I want to make this space as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. I will re-organize the room and add new areas such as:

  • A section of tables and chairs where students can study, play board games, or simply chat and hang out.

  • A section where students can enjoy our ping-pong and foosball tables.

  • A section of couches where students can kick back and relax!

I also will listen to what YOU want to see in the lounge!


I want you to feel safe, comfortable, and happy. My goal is to create an environment where every student knows they are welcome. 

The CEESS is for everyone, and throughout my time as president, I would make that simple fact clear. 

The lounge and office will be consistently advertised as a place where you can come to voice your concerns, whatever they may be, as well as a place you can come to simply relax and be around friendly faces. 

I will make sure that every event run by the CEESS is inclusive, fun, and an opportunity to make new friends and connections.




IMG_9427 (1).jpg


Hey! Our names are Mokshita Sharma and Bijan Boroumand and we have both served as your Vice Presidents of Communications for the past year in CEESS! We are both fourth-year Civil Environmental Engineering Co-op students. Since our first year at the UofA, we have maintained a passion for developing a sense of community among student engineers and supporting initiatives and events that improve mental health and wellness. We are very excited to continue working with the other executive members and fellow students to create a stronger, supportive, and welcoming community for the Civil and Environmental engineering students as we transition back to “normal” life after the challenges we have experienced these past couple of years. As we enter our final year, we plan on going above and beyond the duties of our role as VP’s, brainstorming new and fun ideas for helping us get through the year together as a discipline and community!

Communications Platform Outline

Student Advocacy 

  • Better cement ourselves as a voice for student advocacy amid growing concerns among students regarding lack of representation during events such as the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent strike wave occurring and impacting post-secondary institutions. We want to also increase awareness about the wellness, academic help, and mental health resources offered by the University available to the students on campus.

EnvE representation 

  • Historically, a lot of the club events have been geared towards the CivE community at large without a focus on the EnvE community; we would like to advocate for more events that encompass the EnvE’s as well.

Opportunities for student engagement

  • We would like to increase students’ awareness about professional and personal growth and engagement opportunities available on campus, and increase posts including interactive content to strengthen social media presence

Inclusivity and Diversity 

  • We want to celebrate the diversity of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Students by providing students a platform to share their stories using the club’s social media channels and be able to form a community and feel heard.


  • Ensure that transparency into club activities is maintained to a reasonable extent, with equal opportunities for involvement and volunteering within the club being open to all students in civil/environmental engineering and not being limited to an “in” group of students. This includes properly informing the students represented by the club of information that will affect them from both the faculty and within the club itself.

20220303_Delaney MacIntosh_Watermarked-11.jpg


Hello, my name is Delaney! I am a third-year civil engineering student with a passion for supporting and connecting with my communities. With experience leading and working as part of various teams, I hope to utilize my experiences to serve you as VP Communications of Civil  Club for the 2022-23 term.

Why do I care? 

I would not be here without the support of various student leaders and staff throughout the faculty, particularly members of the discipline clubs I got to know in my first year. It is because of their support and their drive that I discovered the value of leadership in engineering. 

I feel fortunate to have been exposed to the experiences I have thus far in my degree, and it is my mission to ensure that all students have the same access to all of the diverse opportunities available to them. I hope to achieve this through communications work (something I have come to really love over the past few years).

Relevant Communications experience: 

• ESS VP Communications (2020-21) 

• BioTec (national conference) Director of Community Engagement (present)

• UABiomed Senior Social Media Coordinator (present) 

• APEGA Student Liaison Committee marketing coordinator (present) 

Other relevant roles: 

• ESS VP External (present) 

• Civil Club volunteer (various since 2020) 

• UAWiSE Executive (HS Outreach Coordinator) (present) 

Fun Facts: 

• I speak fluent German 

• I coach Alpine Ski Racing 

• I play the saxophone and guitar

Social Media & Outreach 

• Continue to work with and support other student groups and clubs within the faculty and beyond to connect civil engineering students to diverse personal and career opportunities on and off-campus. 

• Utilize social media ‘features’, such as developing Instagram stickers unique to Civil  Club. 

• Continue to support and share information in the Civil Discord server.

• Highlight information and link to the website (reduce social media ‘feed flooding’). 


• Maintain the standard of up-to-date information on an easy-to-use, centralized platform. 

• Consolidating information and advertisement on the Civil Club website achieves clear communication and intentional outreach, while ensuring that all students have equal access to all opportunities and resources within the department and faculty. 


• Continue to develop the existing newsletter to highlight current career and community events/initiatives as well as opportunities within the club. 

• Streamline information to limit unnecessary or repetitive emailing. 


• Establish photographers within the club to document events and foster a sense of community. 

• Photos are snapshots of memories and will help us reconnect with others as we transition back to ‘normal’. 


• Establish a uniform image for Civil Club by developing a style guide, utilizing a variety of graphic design elements as well as photos. 

Civil Engineering ‘Journal’ 

• Develop a ‘yearbook-style memories review’ of each semester to act as a place for students to reflect on past experiences and discover new opportunities within our civil engineering community and beyond. 

Promote Creativity 

• Allow students to get involved through potential branding contests, photography features, and more!



headshot (1).jpg


Hi I'm Madeline and I am re-running for VP Student Life! I am going into my final year of Civil Co-op and have been in this position for the past two years with my co-VP and great friend Francesca and as she is stepping up to run for president, I will be continuing the work we started. Over the past couple of years I have been creating events for the civil and environmental students such as Speed Friending, Hide and Seek, and our annual Corn Maze Excursion. I have also been supplying new and exciting merch sales throughout the pandemic. When I'm not volunteering for CEESS I love working out and playing sports like soccer and skiing, as well as painting and playing guitar. I love being busy and having fun with my friends! I am excited to continue with the civil club for my final year of university and continue to provide a community for the students!





Hey guys! Jett and Tobi here, and we are running to be your VP Technical for Civil Club (CEESS) next academic year. With the responsibility of connecting our current undergraduate students to the civil & environmental engineering industry, we plan on bringing back some of the great events we missed in the past 2 years. In addition, we will be bringing in new opportunities to improve the post-graduate transition. It’s time to get back to business! Not only will we ensure these events are awesome, we plan to go above and beyond to help you achieve career success throughout and after your studies. We encourage you to look at our platform, and remember to vote Jett and Tobi on March 23-24! 

1. Work alongside current civil-environmental engineering students to provide events that are worthwhile 

a. Increase event turnout through incentives and rewards such as Domino’s, Subway… you name it! 

b. Implement feedback from our civil-environmental undergraduate committee from survey data 

c. Planning events that are at convenient times throughout the semester 

2. Increase networking opportunities among students and industry partners

a. Bring back a new and improved popsicle-stick bridge competition

b. Hosting the first annual Alumni-Student Night to establish connections 

between alumni and undergraduates that were absent during the past few years 

c. Relaying career advice from industry professionals, alumni, and professors through the CEESS website 

3. Promote professional development for all civil-environmental engineering students 

a. Provide relevant resources on career success and finding internships b. Spotlight employment resources that are already available

c. Work with faculty members and undergraduate engineering services to increase undergraduate employment rates



Bhavish Profile.jpg
Ben Profile.jpg


Hello! I am Benjamin (but you can call me Ben) and I am running for co-VP of Finance and Operations with Bhavish. I am currently a 3rd year civil engineering student and I am originally from Manitoba. For the last year, Bhavish and I have been working as the Special Projects Lead / Senior Advisor to the President. Our projects include the CEESS discord server with over 350 members, the CEESS graduation banquet (stay tuned), and general event help. I am so excited that I have had this opportunity to do meaningful projects within the club and I hope to continue such projects as your next co-VP of Finance and Operations. When I am not studying for the latest midterm, you can find me somewhere on Whyte, hanging out with friends, or playing video games.
Hi! I’m Bhavish, and I’m running for Co-VP of Finance and Operations along with Benjamin. I’m currently in my 3rd year of Civil Engineering, and I’m very excited to be running for a CEESS position. Over this past year, Benjamin and I have been working as Special Projects Lead / Senior Advisor to the President. Some of my notable projects are the Civil and Environmental Engineering Discord and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduation Banquet. I’m very grateful for the many opportunities this club has given me so far, and I plan on ensuring that the club hosts great events this year. In my spare time (when I’m not drowning in homework), you can find me playing Fifa 22 or going to the gym.

Due to the ever-expanding surplus, as your next co-VP of Finance and Operations, we pledge to: 

  • Revamp the CEESS lounge 

  • Reduce merch costs to ensure accessibility to all 

  • Make sure snacks are available at a majority of events

  • Ensure financial responsibility and stability for years to come

  • Utilize excellent time management and organizational skills to track, document, and reimburse expenses



Screenshot 2022-03-15 203838.png


My name is Sadia, and I am currently in my third year of my environmental engineering degree. Over the last year, I was a Geer Week coordinator for the CEESS however that was rather brief since Geer Week was canceled. Since then, I have continued to volunteer with the CEESS and helped plan Quarantine Olympics. Since I am running for VP coordinator, I would love to see previous ideas for Geer Week come to life and hopefully bring a win to our team. I would also love for more students to become involved through volunteering and help build a more interpersonal community. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, painting, and, hanging out with my friends. I also love watching Netflix and spending hours on Tik Tok.

for my campaign, it will be heavily focused on Geer week, Sadly the last Geer week to happen was in 2019. Over the last year, we brainstormed many ideas and themes to help take home a win. This year I think it's important that we get more students to participate in Geer Week, by allowing students to help decide the theme and help choose the battle of the band’s songs based on the theme. 

Additionally, If I have more ideas to implement and uphold for my position these will be made clear via Instagram.

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