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The President is the face of the CEESS. They provide leadership and direction for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Students’ Society. This position will only be held by an individual who has served a minimum 1 year as part of the CEESS executive team or has majority approval from current CEESS executives prior to applying.

Vice-President Finance and Operations

The VP Finance and Operations manages the CEESS operating budget and CEESS office.

Vice-President Technical

The VP Technical coordinates all technical events the CEESS provides to engineering students. The VP Technical manages relationships between the CEESS and the civil engineering industry.

Vice-President Coordination

The VP Coordination organizes volunteers for all CEESS events, maintains textbook & course note library, and oversees Geer Week for the CEESS.

Vice-President Student Life

The VP Student Life coordinates all social events the CEESS provides to engineering students.

Vice-President Communications

The VP Communications manages digital and physical marketing and advertising for the CEESS.

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